Olukoya Ogungbeje, ​legal counsel to ​Chukwudi Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans has spoken on the travails on his client and the case he instituted in court.​

​Ogunbeje, who filed a case of fundamental human right, said the police and the section of the media were attacking him for doing his job.
“Let the media tell the police to go and do their job and carry out proper investigation rather than attacking us”, he said.
​”​What we have asked the police to do is a constitutional requirement, that is, anybody who has been arrested should be taken to the court of law and if they don’t have a case against the person, you release the person.
​”​They went and staged managed media stations to be interviewing Evans to be making him say that he is not aware of the law suit. How can someone who is in custody be able to pick a lawyer? To you the journalist is that possible?
​”T​he family members briefed us and we are doing our job.​ They call us that we should forge ahead. We have the full backing of the family and I can tell you that authoritatively.
​Asked his chances of winning the case considering his defeat in court in recent cases, the lawyer said reports that he has not not been winning “are just a pit of lie from the pit of hell”.
​”​I can tell you one, the Nyako matter, I won it up to the Supreme Court, go and check your records. The Olanusi matter, the former deputy governor of Ondo State, it’s at the appeal court, we won. The N13 billion Ikoyi suit is it now on appeal.​ T​here are a good number of cases that we have won even to the highest court.​”​
​On why he decided to be a counsel to Evans who confessed to being a notorious kidnapper​, Ogunbeje ​​insisted that his client is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.
​”​We have asked ​the Police to charge him to court.​ If you have to brief me because the police have vilified you, they have criticised you, they have said negative things about you, is that a ground for me to say I am rejecting your brief.
​”​What are we saying, where have we gone wrong? We are only doing our job. See let me tell you, I have the responsibility to defend whomever within the confines of the law only.
​”​I am not saying we will represent him at all cost, that we will get him off the hook at all cost, no. We will only represent him within the bounds of the law.

​”​If the law says that when someone is suspected to have engaged in a crime, the law says that the investigating authority which is the police should either take him to court within 24 or 48 hours which is two days. We are saying charge him to court, let the law take its course​”​

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