Chinedu Orakwue, the father of 14-year-old schoolgirl, Obiamaka Orakwue, allegedly raped to death by unidentified persons in her home in Abule Ado area of Lagos, has revealed that his daughter’s head was smashed against the wall.

Chinedu, who said he was not around on the day the incident happened, told Punch that his daughter went to bed sound only to be found dead in the morning.
According to him, “She was murdered in our home here on July 10. Before I left, she was fine and there was no cause for alarm.
“Her mother said she said goodnight to everybody and went to bed early because she needed to wake up early for school.
“Her mother slept in a separate room. In the morning, they were expecting her to be up from her bed.
“When her mother called her and got no response, they entered her room and found her in the pool of her blood. They smashed her skull after raping her to death”.
Asked how the culprits entered her room, Chinedu replied, “They entered through the window. We have a backdoor through the kitchen but it was not touched.
“They removed the window glass, burglary and went in. They scaled through the fence to come in because the gate was locked. Two of her elder brothers went to call the police.

“The police came, took notes and took the corpse to the mortuary.”

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